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Meet The Team

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Cam Tipping

Cam is the Founder of Prof Behind The Glass, IIBD, and SABRE Simulations. He has a passion for teaching and the great outdoors. He is also an ex-professional speed skater!

Ian Williamson

Ian is an IT genius and longtime employee at IIBD and SABRE Simulations. He is the gears that keep the engine running and steps in when things get technical.

Sam Chiaverini

Sam is a graduate of Plymouth State University, where he majored in Finance. He is an expert in SABRE Simulations and teaching business.

Declan Rounce

Declan is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and does of a lot of the digital marketing and communications for Prof Behind The Glass. He is passionate about environmentalism and youth education. He, like many other students, had that "one class" in university that changed everything for him. He aims to enable all our customers to be "that person" who changes the game for their students, clients, or general audience.

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