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Prof Behind The Glass is being used in classrooms

and businesses all around the world.

See for yourself how our products are changing the way

presenters interact with their audiences...

"It changes the whole dynamic of the conversation. It feels more natural and the writing creates a feedback loop that the audience reacts to. You forget the glass after a while and literally feel like you are in a conference room together."

Stephen Diorio

Managing Director, Revenue Enablement

Forbes contributor

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"It has been a game-changer for me over the past few months, there have been dozens of examples of use cases. Feedback from students and clients at all levels has been: a) it really works great; and b) we have not seen this before."

Professor Richard Gooner

Terry School of Business

University of Georgia

Prof Behind The Glass is being used in a variety of teaching programs across the world

“Our training methods needed to evolve to drive customer engagement. We had to re-think how we deliver content outside of live demonstrations without leaning on the traditional, boring slide deck format. With Prof Behind the Glass, we can deliver rich slide based content, perform live demonstrations, and maintain a front and center camera presence simultaneously.”

Bo DeAngelo 

Manager of Technical Training, Viega, LLC

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